The i-Installer Menu

The i-Installer menu contains the following i-Installer specific items:

Make a PayPal donation...
This one speaks for itself.
Known Packages i-Directory...
This opens a window with the names of the packages that have been found through the default i-Directory searched. See i-Directory location for its setting.
Presents an Open panel so you can open an i-Package from disk.
Open Updated Packages...
This checks all the i-Packages in your default save directory for the availaibility of updates. It will open each i-Package for which an update has been found. This might be slow if there are many packages.
Open Recent
Default Application submenu with the latest opened packages (from disk).
New from URL...
This opens a panel where you can enter an i-Package URL, like When you enter a valid URL, a local i-Package will be created in the default location for new packages (on disk), with a minimum of content (just the table of contents and if available the readme file). Then that package from disk will be opened. You can also open remote i-Directories (.iid file bundles) through this menu item, which are not saved on your local disk. If the package already exists in the default save location, it will be opened instead and the URL for its rmeote repository location will be set to the URL you entered.
Check TOC signature
Check the GPG signature of the package Table of Contents.
Check Dependencies
Normally dependencies are checked before install. But you can trigger a check by selecting this menu option.
Make Fat
Download all the locally missing package contents from the remote location. Making a package fat and then locking it (lock button in package window) freezes your package in a state that can be used completely without a network available.
Delete Selected File
Delete the file that is selected in the Pkg Contents tab of the package window. Note that this option is dimmed when the Pkg Contents tab is not active so you cannot delete a file unless you can see which file will be deleted. File deletion is never permanent if you have a working internet connection, as any file will be downloaded (again) when needed.
Make Thin
Remove all files inside a package until the size drops below a level which can be set in the Preferences. The files are removed in order of size, largest first.
Reset to Default Properties
Sets install location, authentication ignore and URL back to package defaults.
Create & Display Report
Generate a report that consists of
  • Package properties
  • Contents of all views
  • Environment settings for programs and scripts run from this package
  • Information about your computer
This report is generated in the view of the Report tab and can be printed/copied/mailed from there.
Toggle Edit Mode
Makes all views editable and enables their rulers. This enables you to change whatever is in the view. This is meant to facilitate formatting before printing. The rulers of the different views are not saved.
Pkg Properties (Cmd-1)
Show or hide the Pkg Properties tab of the current active package window.
Subprocess Output (Cmd-2)
Show or hide the Subprocess Output tab of the current active package window.
Pkg Contents (Cmd-3)
Show or hide the Pkg Contents tab of the current active package window.
Activity (Cmd-4)
Show or hide the Activity tab of the current active package window.
Report (Cmd-5)
Show or hide the Report tab of the current active package window.
Show the Readme and Pkg Properties tabs of the current active package window and hide all others.
Show all tabs of the current active package window. The order of the tabs is defined by increased “geekyness” from left to right.